"Brown eyed people are responsible for the fact that you have electricity. Many of the components for generating and transmitting electricity were invented by brown eyed people.

Brown eyed people gave us our alphabet. Brown eyed people gave us our numeration system. Brown eyed people gave us the paper on which we write these anonymous letters to me that tell me that brown eyed people are inferior.

Brown eyed people are the originators, the ones who founded every major religion on Earth. No white people have ever founded a major religion.

Now you need to realize the contributions that have been made to society, to civilization by brown eyed people, by PEOPLE OF COLOR.

I’m talking about people of color here folks. And most of us are not aware of those things because we live in a racist society.

And because we are educated by a racist school system that only teaches us about white contributions.”

- Jane Elliot on the Oprah Winfrey Show panel on racism in 1992.



Catlateral Damage is a first person mischievous cat simulator, where your objective is to knock as many of your loving owners belongings onto the floor within a 2 minute time limit.

It’s a fun game, and there’s a lot of satisfaction to be had from knocking things over and making a mess (That’s probably why cats do it in the first place).  The Alpha features breakable objects, multiple rooms, normal mode, time trial mode and sandbox mode that gives you access to half of the house.

The full game will feature more levels,more items to destroy, new gameplay modes (including stealth mode), better graphics, sfx and music, achievements and Occulus Rift support.  It’s a great game, and gives you a little insight into why cats destroy things – because it’s awesome fun!  On your marks… get set… destroy!!

Play the Alpha, Free

Catlateral Damage has just started a Kickstarter Campaign.  Back them for more feline destruction!